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sterilizing cupboard(YTP-150)

Kitchen Appliances
sterilizing cupboard(YTP-150)


Offer Type: Sell

Offer Category: Kitchen Appliances  -  Disinfecting Cabinet

Offer Post Time: 2010-07-09

Serial Code:

Model: YTP-150


Carriage: FOB Guangdong


Minimum Order Quantity: Unknown

Price: 0.00 USD

Product profile

KDJ-081, KDJ-082 Ultraviolet Sterilizers are able to destroy DNA in cells to disinfect wide range of articles in a short time. And KDJ-081A, KDJ-082A series Ultraviolet & ozone Sterilizing Cabinet can disinfect in ultraviolet radiation and ozone. They are excellent sterilizing equipments of tools in hotels, beauty salons and barbershops with novel design and practical structure.

Features and advantages

1. KDJ-081, KDJ-082 sterilize through ultraviolet, KDJ-081A, KDJ-082A sterilize through ultraviolet and ozone.
2. Built-in ultraviolet radiation tube destroy DNA in cells to disinfect, the effect of sterilization is 99.9%.
3. The door is equipped with a device to turn off the UV lamp if the door is opened whiling satirizing.
4. Stripes planted on the glass door help to protect users ‘eyes.
5. The linkers let the rack interact with the door when it is opened, make items easy to put on and take from the rack.
6. High-quality aluminum alloy inner with excellent heat conduction performance.
7. Compact body designed with bases for horizontal positioning and holes for hanging against walls.