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Towel warmer(JGR-15A)

Personal Care Appliances
Towel warmer(JGR-15A)


Offer Type: Sell

Offer Category: Personal Care Appliances  -  Other

Offer Post Time: 2010-07-09

Serial Code:

Model: JGR-15A


Carriage: FOB Guangdong


Minimum Order Quantity: Unknown

Price: 0.00 USD

Product profile

JGR-15A,JGR-30A,JGR-45A,JGR-30D,JGR-45Dseries Towel warmer are use for towels warming. Two types of door-opening mode as dropdown open and side open are available. They are excellent electrical appliances for hotel, restaurant and large-scale banquet with novel design and practical structural.

Features and advantages
1. Novel and attractive design
2. Working state shown on the indicator clearly, with red light indicates heating.
3. High-quality temperature regulator ensure accurate control of temperature, maximum heating temperature is 75℃±10%, with 105℃ over-heating fuse to ensure safety.
4. Temperature in the two parts of JGR-30A,JGR45A can be controlled respectively.
5. high-quality aluminum alloy inner with excellent heat conduction performance.
6. Stainless steel racks are resistant to high temperature and tarnishing, easier to store types of towels.
7. Sprayed-plastic housing adopt high-grade materials which are resistant to high temperature, safe and durable
8. Underneath drop tray is easy to remove and install, efficiently help to keep surroundings clean as well.