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Kangda Daily-Use Electrical Appliances, Shunde

KDY-20 Towel Warmer

Personal Care Appliances
KDY-20 Towel Warmer


Offer Type: Sell

Offer Category: Personal Care Appliances  -  Other

Offer Post Time: 2014-01-15

Serial Code:

Model: KDY-20


Carriage: FOB Guangdong


Minimum Order Quantity: Unknown

Price: 0.00 USD

 Kangda new towel warmer KDY-20 is a new patented product. Wide commercial use of the product. It suitable for hotels, guesthouses , beauty salon, etc. Luxurious warmth for bath towel , robes and blankets . For Household use , it suitable for you bathe in front to warmth for underwear, bath towel and robes .You can also warm blankets , hats, gloves and mittens . Especially suitable for maternal and child , children, women and elderly people to use . Make your life experience luxury every day.

Towel Warmer use computer microcontroller program automatically controlled and electric temperature control principle, with a thermal protection device; There were special plug, single heating function, automatic shutdown function and large capacity heating space of the appliance; Press the button on front of the unit then the heating system automatic warming; When the cabinet temperature reaches the set temperature, the program automatically switched off . It does not need to work long hours to save energy. .When the towel warmer is working, you can press the switch to stop working or restart , you can also increase or decrease the bath towels.

Offers a variety of colors for customer choice´╝Ü

Silver red violet red blue orange champagne